Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pattern Changes

So, I was working on the Ripple Hand Towel for LB's mom, and decided I needed to post the changes that I have made so far.

Being that this is rushed holiday knitting at its finest, I decided to only use the ripple pattern for a little trim. The rest would be in stockinette. After two repeats of the pattern, I decided that it was good enough. Now, please note that my gauge with Euroflax is entirely too loose, so it was looking, a little floppy. I changed needle sizes down to a 2.25mm, and after 4 inches, decided it was still looking icky.

So, at about 50% completion, I decided that this was not a hand towel, it would instead be a washcloth. After a three needle bind off at the upper edge, and sewing around the edges, it ended up being about 6 inches by 6 inches. This was not enough. I decided to add a pocket (to hold the hoity-toity face soap, naturally).

Did I save any time by making these adjustments? No, not even remotely. But at least now I can say it is a semi-original handmade holiday gift, right?

Pictures will be posted upon completion.

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