Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ravelry rocks, and is also kinda...annoying

So. I went and bought several magazines today, and then tried adding them to my library on Ravelry. These particular issues do not exist in the Raverly database. Only slightly annoying.

The cool thing? You can now search the patterns based on what is actually in your library! This is going to be incredibly helpful for those days when you don't know what to knit, but wanna knit something that you already have the pattern for. Casey rocks!

So, I must wait to add these to my library:
-Yarn Forward December Issue 7
-Knitting (Knitting Issue 57 December 2008

Ah well. It's all good. :)

By the way, after much deliberation, I have decided that LB's dad is going to get knit soap on a rope from me. The ultimate manly gift. All I need to do is knit 4 feet of I-Cord, and I am set! Now what the hell do I do for his sister? A 50 pound block of tofu?

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