Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Something He Said To Me...

I was just reading through the Entrepreneurial Dreams ravelry thread about "what are you escaping from?" and it struck me.

I have a job, sure. But as my lead said to me "This is just a paycheck. Don't take anything personal here. It's just a way to get a paycheck." Keep in mind, this lead is entirely too young and too new to be this jaded. But definitely had a point. It is just a job. I am using them for health insurance to pay for my insulin, and I am making sure I can pay rent and food costs. It is simply a means to get somewhere else. My job will provide me with one class per quarter. Great! And it helps me get to where I am going....

Trouble is, I have no idea where I am going now. I'd like to up and quit and simply open that yarn shop. Unfortunately, my logical side is saying that I should go back to school and get an MBA first. I know that 60% of small businesses fail. I know I need a plan B. It just so happens that my plan B involves me investing my time in school before doing the dream job.

What do you think? Shop or school?

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